The values of this eldership, staff, and leadership team has been fought for and labored over for years. We will relentlessly pursue these to be true of each of us. We will protect this culture. We will call each other to this culture. We will celebrate this culture. We will hold each other accountable to this culture. We cherish this culture.



We are people who trust and follow Jesus

Jesus is our model example for everything. We believe not only that Jesus is divine, His message is divine, & we believe His methods are divine. We will be disciples of Jesus.

We are people of the Text

We will wrestle through ideas, thoughts, feelings and the truth of Scripture with God.

We are people of prayer

We value taking all our desires, feelings, thoughts, struggles and joys to God.

We are present in every moment with the Holy Spirit

We know the Holy Spirit is ready to help us and desires for us to capture every moment of Him speaking to us and through us.

We trust the story the Father is telling

We stay faithful with little. Jesus gives us more. We trust the story Jesus is telling.


We are people of relationship

We will chase for relationship and make sure we live in peace with everyone.

We build trust

The foundation of real relationship is trust. We will be a church that builds trust with as many as possible through our relationships and leadership. We will build trust by listening.

We are devoted to each other, we journey together

We desire to live in unity as Jesus instructed and to love each other and carry each other’s burdens until Jesus returns.

We forgive each other

We desire to be a church that works through conflict and forgives each other when we hurt each other, not if we hurt each other.

We walk in humility

We believe humility is how Jesus called his disciples to walk and continue the process of learning never believing we have arrived.

We capture the moment

Intentionality in relationship is a switch we keep on all the time.


We die to ourselves

We will live a life of selfless serving and living a life like Jesus: this changes the world.

We are learners

Self-starters and self-motivated to learn and grow and to listen deeply. We will live with a posture of humility.

We crave honest feedback

We desire to grow and mature in the likeness of Jesus. Living in a world of self deception hinders this desire and longing.

We take our next steps

We never arrive. We’re always leaning in. We pursue, connect, give and multiply individually.

We do whatever it takes

We will live with supernatural passion that drives our hearts and only comes from the Holy Spirit

We mature

We are all in a process of maturing and learning what God may have for us. If an individual does not have a clear desire and need for change, very little can be done to help them mature and grow.


We find people’s potential

Jesus’ church is all about people development. Jesus has given us the people to take the next step. We will leverage the gifts Jesus has given us.

We bless our community and the world

We put God on display through generosity and show our community and the world the Good News.

We don’t go alone

We are team players and team builders. Go fast: go alone. Go far: go together.


We make disciples 

The Jesus movement is a movement of multiplication. Jesus’ desire is that each of us would take up the mantle of discipleship and raising someone else up to make disciples.

We own the mission

We are owners of Jesus’ mission. He desires for us to partner with Him. 

We invite people into God’s story & agenda

We will invite people into a relationship and partnership with God to help redeem the world.