12.02.2018 - Exciting times at Real Life!

I am writing you with exciting news to share. We have an officially agreed upon contract to purchase a building!!! This is the same building we put an offer on last month. This is an amazing next step for our church and I hope you are excited as I am right now. You might be asking what does this mean and what is our next step?
It means we now have 60 days to make sure that this building will be suitable for us and that we will be able to get it up to code so that we can occupy it. If that goes well, we will then have 30 days to close and then renovations will begin. We are guessing that renovations will take 2-3 months before we can occupy the building. If we don’t see the building working for us we will terminate the contract and move on to look for other buildings. 

I want to be able to answer some questions for you, but please know I can’t answer all of them right now, as more information will be coming soon. In addition, I want to just sit in this spot right now with as much celebration as possible. God has been so good to us and has done so much. More details and answers will be coming soon as we learn and as we go. 
Where is the building?
It is located in a perfect location right off the busiest street in Idaho, Eagle road. The address is 1098 N Hickory Ave, Meridian, ID. You may drive by it, but please do not peek in windows as there are businesses occupying the building currently and they also have abnormal hours at times and are serving special clients that cannot be disturbed. So please honor this. 
How much did we purchase the building for?
We purchased the building for 1.1 million dollars. We are anticipating to remodel and furnish the building it is going to take an additional $250,000, but these numbers may go up or down depending on issues that arise.

How are we going to afford this?
We are financed through an amazing organization called the Solomon Foundation. They have approved us for the total amount of the building, remodel and furnishings. They are all about helping churches and are for the church unlike other organizations like a bank. They have looked at our finances and know that as we step out as people of sacrifice, faith and mission that we will be able to afford this loan. You can see their website here: www.thesolomonfoundation.org
They have worked with hundreds of churches in helping them take their next step and gained the trust of over 4,000 investors who have invested in the Kingdom. They just eclipsed 500 million in assets in seven short years of existence as an organization.
Doug Crozier, the CEO, has become a good friend and he has walked beside us through this journey and he believes in us. He has been involved in church financing for over 25 years. He has stretched and grown my faith personally. I’m thankful for him.

We have partnered with them because they are the best. 
What do you want me to do with this information?
This is a time of celebration and it is important we all experience this together so please share with people in our church and please be praying for us. If the Lord desires for us to have the building, it will become very clear in the next 60 days. If he doesn't, he will provide another building to pursue. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but as I have said, miracles follow the plow.

If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to email me or call me. Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday and as always, own the mission and bring a friend!
“One Person at a Time,”

Justin Jordan
Lead Pastor