Ground Breaking!

Praise Jesus for an amazing morning and a great gathering to celebrate the groundbreaking of our new building. Thank you so much to The Solomon Foundation for believing in our mission and vision; City of Meridian, and Mayor Tammy for building a community we are honored to serve; and Sletten Construction Company, the OEC Team, and NeUdesign architecture for all your hard work creating a space we can call home. It’s go time!! #allin#onepersonatatime #reallife

We're Moving!


We are moving out of the Outpost + Office!
In order to save money and help us get ready for the move into our building in the fall we are moving out of the Outpost+Office. A local businessman and friend to Real Life has offered his office space for us to use for free until we move into our building. This is a tremendous blessing as we start payments on our new building in July. This will help us reach our savings goals that we have planned out. With that being said, we need your help to get us moved out. We need to paint, clean and move out. If you are able to help on any of the following dates below, please use the following links to sign up!

June 15th @ 9am Painting Office

June 22nd @ 9am Cleaning Office

June 22nd @ 9am Moving

We're Hiring!

Digital Imaging Specialist.png

We are currently hiring a part time Worship Team Coach! This role includes rehearsal prep & coordination, leading rehearsals, leading and/or participating in planning and development meetings, leading and/or coordinating weekly services, and relational investment in team and leaders. If you think you would be a good fit for this role, check out the full job description HERE!

4.04.2019 - Planning & Zoning Commission Decision - New Site Plan Approved

New Site Plan.png

Exciting news today! The P&Z commission approved our new site plan for our potential new property and our conditional use permit as been approved for us to move forward with the closing of this property! We are so excited about this next step! Thank you to so many of you who have prayed and supported the leadership through this process. Next up, we will be finalizing details to hopefully close on the building the middle of May. If that goes well, after our building plans are approved, renovation will be starting in the middle of summer. Lord willing, we could be in the building in the fall. Keep praying, keep inviting, keep being the church every day, not just on Sundays. The Lord has work for us to do in this community!!!

3.05.2019 - We Are All In!


On Sunday I announced some exciting and challenging news to those of you who were in attendance. For those that weren’t there I would like to update you. At our planning and zoning hearing on Thursday Feb 21st, we were told that even though we met code and executed what the city asked of us, the planning and zoning commission did not believe our parking plan was adequate. They offered us a continuance to try and come up with a secondary plan and suggested purchasing the lot to our south that is currently dirt and turn it into a parking lot for our use. Our next hearing is April 4thto present them another plan or to communicate that we will not be moving forward with the purchase of this building or land. 

What did the elders decide?
After much prayer and deliberation we have decided to try and purchase the dirt lot to the south of the building that we are currently under contract for. We believe God wants us to take this next step for a couple of reasons. First, we discussed the financial implications of this with The Solomon Foundation and they have agreed to finance us for this extra expense. Secondly, we have sought wisdom from other pastors that have taken similar steps, they have encouraged us that this is a next step they believe we can take. Thirdly, no matter what future building we purchase, unless it is a church building, parking will most likely be an issue. This property has dirt that is not developed yet and can be utilized so that parking is never a concern moving forward. Lastly, there is a church here in the valley that is seriously considering and praying about helping us financially as a gift to help us take this next step. To see another church support another church is very inspiring and encouraging to us as an eldership and helps us us see what we think is God’s hand in this journey we are on. 
How are we going to afford this?
As I discussed on Sunday, with the expected cost of the building, improvements and now purchase and upgrade of the land we need ten new families to start tithing. If we use the median household income for Meridian as a projected tithe amount ($525/month) that will cover the cost of the increase in building costs we will incur when we move in. 
What are you asking?
We are asking you to pray about starting to tithe and make a commitment to support your church in this huge next step. This will enable us to put money away in savings now for future expenses, which will lead to greater overall budget health, and in addition it will help fund dream initiatives we have for our church in the next year. I’m looking forward to sharing those with you in detail on Sunday. When we move into the building those dollars will then go towards our increase in mortgage. 

I don’t make that much money, what should I do?
Some of you may tithe (10%) and it may not be that much ($525/month) and others will tithe and it will be more than that amount. We are trusting that God will bring the adequate dollars to allow us to afford this building. Your willingness to trust God with your finances is the first step and we believe God is going to work out all the specifics for the amount needed.
Why a building?
When we started the year 2018 we prayed and from your feedback and what we sensed from the Holy Spirit we believed it was time for us to find a permanent home. We searched for nine months before believing that this was the building God wanted us to pursue. Through the collective gathering of our church, the people, this building could become the stake in the ground outpost from which ministry, worship and blessing extends to the rest of the community, just like our hearts and hands do through our own individual bodies. This building will not define us, but it can become a tremendous tool in helping further the vision & mission of our church. We exist to reach the world for Jesus, one person at a time. This building can be a great next step in seeing more people come to know Jesus and be discipled into the likeness of Jesus. 
Lastly, I just want to say that I have been overwhelmed this week with God’s goodness and His work in your lives already with stories of people who are taking next steps. Some of you have decided to get rid of debt so that you can give more and some have already started to tithe from the encouraging and challenging words received in this sermon series. I want you to know that your humility that you have displayed in listening to God through us and trusting God with your finances has been inspiring, moving and soul stirring. When the church comes together in unity, God’s Kingdom and reigning power comes crashing down onto earth. Thank you for going with us on this journey.
If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to email me or call me. Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday and as always, own the mission this week!

"One Person at a Time,"

Justin Jordan

Lead Pastor

2.21.2019 - Planning & Zoning Commission Decision - Continuance


Today was not the decision we wanted from the P&Z commission. However, they were gracious in offering us a continuance on our conditional use permit and not denying it. They have concerns about our parking situation even though we have parking agreements and street parking being opened up by ACHD. They have asked us to consider buying the lot to the south and turning it into a parking lot. We are in the process of discussing this as an eldership. Our next hearing is scheduled for April 4th to inform them of our decision of how we will proceed.

2.09.2019 - Sign's Up!


Today was an exciting next step as our sign went up in preparation for our Feb 21st hearing with Planning & Zoning to officially secure the building we have under contract. Please be praying that this hearing goes well so we can get the necessary permits to use this building as our place to connect together, laugh together, learn together and to worship together!!! #NextStep#PeopleofFaith #PeopleofSacrifice#PeopleonMission #PeopleofPrayer #RealLife

12.02.2018 - Exciting times at Real Life!

I am writing you with exciting news to share. We have an officially agreed upon contract to purchase a building!!! This is the same building we put an offer on last month. This is an amazing next step for our church and I hope you are excited as I am right now. You might be asking what does this mean and what is our next step?
It means we now have 60 days to make sure that this building will be suitable for us and that we will be able to get it up to code so that we can occupy it. If that goes well, we will then have 30 days to close and then renovations will begin. We are guessing that renovations will take 2-3 months before we can occupy the building. If we don’t see the building working for us we will terminate the contract and move on to look for other buildings. 

I want to be able to answer some questions for you, but please know I can’t answer all of them right now, as more information will be coming soon. In addition, I want to just sit in this spot right now with as much celebration as possible. God has been so good to us and has done so much. More details and answers will be coming soon as we learn and as we go. 
Where is the building?
It is located in a perfect location right off the busiest street in Idaho, Eagle road. The address is 1098 N Hickory Ave, Meridian, ID. You may drive by it, but please do not peek in windows as there are businesses occupying the building currently and they also have abnormal hours at times and are serving special clients that cannot be disturbed. So please honor this. 
How much did we purchase the building for?
We purchased the building for 1.1 million dollars. We are anticipating to remodel and furnish the building it is going to take an additional $250,000, but these numbers may go up or down depending on issues that arise.

How are we going to afford this?
We are financed through an amazing organization called the Solomon Foundation. They have approved us for the total amount of the building, remodel and furnishings. They are all about helping churches and are for the church unlike other organizations like a bank. They have looked at our finances and know that as we step out as people of sacrifice, faith and mission that we will be able to afford this loan. You can see their website here:
They have worked with hundreds of churches in helping them take their next step and gained the trust of over 4,000 investors who have invested in the Kingdom. They just eclipsed 500 million in assets in seven short years of existence as an organization.
Doug Crozier, the CEO, has become a good friend and he has walked beside us through this journey and he believes in us. He has been involved in church financing for over 25 years. He has stretched and grown my faith personally. I’m thankful for him.

We have partnered with them because they are the best. 
What do you want me to do with this information?
This is a time of celebration and it is important we all experience this together so please share with people in our church and please be praying for us. If the Lord desires for us to have the building, it will become very clear in the next 60 days. If he doesn't, he will provide another building to pursue. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but as I have said, miracles follow the plow.

If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to email me or call me. Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday and as always, own the mission and bring a friend!
“One Person at a Time,”

Justin Jordan
Lead Pastor