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Advent 2017: A Time for Blessing

December 3rd → December 30th

Introduction to the RLM’s Guide for Advent 2017

Advent (Latin translation of Gk. parousia, meaning “coming” or “arrival”)  is the first season in the Liturgical Calendar of the Church.  It is intended to focus our hearts and minds on the coming of Jesus in His Birth, His coming to people in salvation, and His future Second Coming.  The guide below is intended to help you, your family, and your Home Group as you focus on Jesus Christ, His mission, and His arrival(s) during the Christmas season!  Our guide runs from December 3rd → December 30th.

How to Use This Guide

Each week this guide will offer multiple options for helping you to focus on Jesus and His mission.  The format will be the same for each week and is outlined below:

  • Weekly Family Devotion: A family devotion for use in the home or in your Home Group that is centered on the Advent theme for that week (i.e., Peace, Hope, Joy, Love) and includes a link to the Bible Project’s “Advent Word Series” videos.  

  • Daily Scripture Readings: Scripture readings focused on the weekly theme.  These are adapted from Angie Mosteller’s free eBook “How to Do an Advent Wreath”.

  • Prayer for the Week: A prayer to recite throughout the week, individually and in your family or Home Group.

  • Song: A song to sing at your family devotion time or throughout the week.

  • Living Advent This Week: Thoughts on how you can live out the theme for the week.

You can use the guide in any way you choose: use every element, every week or pick-and-choose which parts are most beneficial for you and your family.  The key is to focus yourself, your family, and the members of your Home Group on Jesus.  This is a season to think about Jesus’ arrival(s).

(1) He came and was born to live as the Savior and King of the world!  

(2) He comes to us in salvation as we receive Him as our Savior and Lord!  

(3) He is coming again and we are to be on mission with Him (to be a blessing to our world) until He arrives!

The guide runs up to Christmas and slightly beyond.  It is intended to focus us on arrivals 1 & 2, but also to focus us on the fact that Jesus lives with us always and that we are called to be on mission to be a blessing to our world by introducing them to Him!